8-year-old Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch using her 3D-printed hand in the Cardinals’ 7:15 p.m. matchup against the San Diego Padres on Wednesday.

Her appearance at Busch Stadium was the 14th stop in her “Journey to 30” — her goal to throw out the first pitch at every Major League Baseball park.

Dawson, a Las Vegas native, was born with Poland Syndrome. She has an underdeveloped pectoral muscle and missing or underdeveloped digits on her right hand.

Students in UNLV’s College of Engineering have designed multiple 3D-printed hands for Dawson to use to help her grab, grasp, and throw a baseball.

Dawson uses a different hand at each ballpark that is specially designed with the logo and colors of the team she is visiting.

Dawson will visit the remaining ballparks through mid-September.

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