Police in Glendale have arrested two 25-year-old women who admitted to vandalizing a local bus stop on Saturday, June 2.

“Grace’s Glendale Bus Stop,” located in the 1300 block of W. Lockwood Avenue, was decorated with artwork made by Grace Mehan, who has down syndrome.

On the night of June 2, police say Allison Fry, 25, and Rachel Kuehnle, 25, spray painted “Police Lives Murder” and stole an American flag from the bus stop decorations. Fry and Kuehnle entered a vehicle and attempted to leave the area before an officer pulled them over for an investigative stop.

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Police say, the individuals denied any involvement in the vandalism but after the officer discovered a can of spray paint and the missing the flag in the vehicle they admitted to the crime. According to police, the two offered no explanation as to why they damaged the bus stop other than, “we live here, too.”

Fry and Kuehnle were charged with stealing under $750 and property damage.

“Grace’s Glendale Bus Stop” was started in 2011 by Grace and her father Tom Mehan to provide a safe place for Grace to wait for the bus to take her to work and school. Mr. Mehan and Grace decorate the bus stop year-round to commemorate monthly events such as Father’s Day, President’s Day and Martin Luther King Day.

The bus stop was vandalized in January of 2016 when an individual removed and destroyed a poster of Dr. Martin Luther King that Grace had put up. The suspect(s) in that case were never caught.

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