A Jefferson County man is taking extra precautions after vandals spray-painted racial slurs on his van.

Earlier this month, Jimmy Saucedo, a Mexican- American, woke up to find racial symbols and slurs spray painted on his van. He said he believes a group of local teens did the damage.

Saucedo said for more than a week his eight-passenger van has been his bed.

“I lay down here and just go to sleep and if I hear something I get up, ” Saucedo said.

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He said on May 5, teens wrote the symbols. After finding the writing, he said he was stunned and called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Saucedo told News 4 the same teens who vandalized his vehicle shouted racial slurs at him two days before while he was driving in the neighborhood.

“What they did, they should be held accountable,” Saucedo said.

Saucedo said he’s frustrated with law enforcement because no one has been charged.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told News 4 they’re aware of the incident. They said they were under the impression that Saucedo didn’t want to file charges because of the statements Saucedo said at the scene.

It’s a move Saucedo said was a misunderstanding.

The Sheriff’s Office said if Saucedo wants to continue to pursue charges they, will assist in doing that.

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