COTTLEVILLE, Mo. ( – Cottleville firefighters rescued a man from a burning car in his driveway Tuesday night.

Firefighters from Cottleville’s 8744 and 8712 were called after a vehicle caught fire in a home’s driveway. When they arrived, they found a man,later identified as 63-year-old Tom Modesitt, in the vehicle’s driver’s seat and were able to rescue him from direct flame and smoke exposure.

Firefighters and paramedics from the St. Charles County Ambulance District were able to treat Modesitt and transport him to an area hospital, where at last check he was in stable condition.

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Officials believe the 63-year-old was unconscious and suffered a medical emergency in the car while it was running, which then accidentally caught fire.

Neighbors Jon Thompson said he heard the sound of a revving engine that night.

"We didn't know what going on, heard a bang and then the fire was on , " said Thompson.

Not only did firefighters have to battle the blaze with the car but flames spreading to Modesitt's home too.

"If our response had not been as swift as it was could have been totally different result, " said Cottleville Fire Asst. Chief Skip Stephens. " Don't have time to think, default to level of training."

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