At a school board meeting Tuesday night, many parents called on a member of the O’Fallon, Illinois school board to resign after he made comments some called racist.

Parents, students and former teachers have accused school board member Steve Springer of being a racist after he made comments about a book entitled Justice Make a Difference.

The book tells the story of a young black girl who learns about inspirational blacks who changed the world. It was read in the town’s library.

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At a council meeting, Springer reportedly said “the library should present programs that represent and reflect the culture of the entire community, not just segments of it."

At the meeting on Tuesday, dozens spoke out against him while about a half-dozen spoke out in support of Springer.

The other members of the board released the following statement on Thursday:

As a leader in public education, District 90 teaches tolerance, acceptance, and kindness from the moment our students walk into our classrooms. As Superintendent Hruby stated, “Each and every school day, one can witness students being encouraged to explore and grow their own strengths, but perhaps more importantly, to find strengths in one another by embracing our differences.” We, as Board members, believe it is the responsibility of public education in America to be the great equalizer--to offer opportunities for all children to succeed. To that end, authority is granted to the elected officials of the Board of Education as a whole, not to each member individually, to make decisions for the betterment of all students. Mr. Springer is one member of the Board of Education. When he voiced his opinions, his voice was his alone. Furthermore, we do not agree with nor support the comments made in the released emails and will not endorse discriminatory policies of any kind.

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